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America’s Paradise!

The US Virgin Islands are fondly known as “America’s Paradise” and consist of three islands: St. Thomas, the most popular cruise port in the Caribbean, St. John, home to the Virgin Islands National Park, and St. Croix Island, the largest of the US Virgin Islands. 

The Caribbean island of St. Croix is only 28 miles long by 7 miles wide, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, colorful coral reefs, and scenic natural splendor. St. Croix has two main historic towns, Christiansted on the northcentral shore and Frederiksted in the southwest with historical attractions, charming harborside boardwalks, oceanfront patio dining, beach bars, and tax-free shopping! The locals, known as Crucians, are friendly and eager to share their local culture, unique traditions, and authentic Caribbean cuisine with our visitors to the island. 

From the tropical landscapes and lush rainforests on the West End to the high-desert landscapes on the easternmost tip of the island, the shoreline boasts tranquil bays lined with coconut palms, natural tidal pools, ecological preserves, and some of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches you’ll ever see. 

Welcome to St. Croix, our Caribbean island paradise where time and tides drift blissfully, your soul is revitalized, and lifelong memories are made.